Without a Fight: The 5 Pillars of Leading Children Authentically

“Without a Fight will shatter every notion of what it means to be a parent and lead children!”

Both parents and children have genuine needs. Unfortunately, in most households, lose-lose scenarios play out endlessly and a constant struggle for power ensues. Even though parents are bigger and stronger, using that size and strength to gain compliance chips away at the genuineness of the relationship between parent and child.

In Without a Fight, Kevin Geary, creator of Reboot Your Kids and host of the popular Reboot Your Kids Podcast, lays out the five pillars of ending this struggle for power and shows you how to create win-win scenarios that meet the needs of both you and your kids.


  • How authoritarian strategies are sabotaging your influence and what to do instead.
  • Why permissiveness is just as dangerous as coercion.
  • Why punishments and rewards harm children and sabotage trust.
  • How to regain your child’s trust and restore your influence.
  • The five core principles of raising happy, healthy, brilliant children.

This practical, down-to-Earth, and peaceful approach to parenting will transform your relationship with your children and restore sanity to your household.

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While this is a Kindle book, you do not need a Kindle to read it. Amazon has a free Kindle app for computers and mobile devices.

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